Time Flies

I get weak, I get weary
I miss sleep, I get moody
I’m in thoughts, I write songs
I’m in love, I walk on
So, fingers crossed…my time is coming now

Lykke Li


Taming the Beast

That’s what Jamie didn’t understand: it was never just sex. Even the fastest, dirtiest, most impersonal screw was about more than sex. It was about connection. It was about looking at another human being and seeing your own loneliness and neediness reflected back. It was recognising that together you had the power to temporarily banish that sense of isolation. It was about experiencing what it was to be human at the basest, most instinctive level. How could that be described as just anything?

Emily Maguire

Love Language

started with romantic/ then got to frantic/ now things that’s normally small become gigantic/ now you sinkin’ like the titanic/ here come the panic/ bein’ with you like a habit without you i can’t stand it/ its tragic when you wonder how you lost that magic/ without understanding that you never had it…

Talib Kweli

The Nicest Thing

All I know is that you’re so nice
You’re the nicest thing I’ve seen
I wish that we could give it a go
See if we could be something

I wish I was your favorite girl
I wish you thought I was the reason
You are in the world

I wish my smile was your favorite kinda smile
I wish the way that I dressed
Was your favorite kind of style

I wish you couldn’t figure me out
But you’d always wanna know what I was about
I wish you’d hold my hand when I was upset
I wish you’d never forget
The look on my face when we first met

I wish you had a favorite beauty spot
That you loved secretly
‘Cos it was on a hidden bit
That nobody else could see

Basically, I wish that you loved me
I wish that you needed me
I wish that you knew when I said two sugars
Actually I meant three

I wish that without me your heart would break
Yeah, I wish that without me
You’d be spending the rest of your nights awake

I wish that without me you couldn’t eat
Yeah, I wish I was the last thing on your mind
Before you went to sleep

Look, all I know is that
You’re the nicest thing I’ve ever seen
And I wish we could see if we could be something
Yeah, I wish we could see if we could be something

Kate Nash

Henry Rollins Has a Heart…

Somewhere someone is thinking of you. Someone is calling you an angel. This person is using celestial colors to paint your image. Someone is making you into a vision so beautiful that it can only live in the mind. Someone is thinking of the way your breath escapes your lips when you are touched. How your eyes close and your jaw tightens with concentration as you give pleasure a home. These thoughts are saving a life somewhere right now. In some airless apartment on a dark, urine stained, whore lined street, someone is calling out to you silently and you are answering without even being there. So crystalline. So pure. Such life saving power when you smile. You will never know how you have cauterized my wounds. So sad that we will never touch. How it hurts me to know that I will never be able to give you everything I have.

Henry Rollins