“What’s so wonderful is that every one of these [orchids] has a specific relationship with the insect that pollinates it. There’s a certain orchid looks exactly like a certain insect so that the insect is drawn to this flower. It’s double, it’s soul mate. And wants nothing more than to make love to it, but after the insect flies off, spots another soul mate flower and makes love to it, thus pollinating it. And neither the flower nor the insect will ever understand the significance of their love making. How can they understand that because of their little dance, the world lives? And it does. By simply doing what their designed to do, something large and magnificent happens. In this sense, they show us how to live. How the only barometer you have is your heart. How when you spot your flower, you can’t let anything get in your way.”- John Laroche


Girls Town

Long flowing braids

Interlocking her knowledge

University of the streets

Is where she went to college

Large, deep-set eyes

Knowing all, hiding nothing

Assuring your fake ass

Like you’re really saying something

Nose wide open

Like some art on display

Smelling all the bullshit

Coming a mile away

Her lips full and ready

Either smiling or in a pucker

Always ready to spit out truth

She’s one bad motherfucker

Sometimes it’s mistaken

That she’s nothing but a diva

Cause she can turn it on

And be fierce like a fever

But that’s not her stylo

Everyday type of thing

She demands respect,

To be treated like a queen

She’s looking for knowledge

Her goal is to get paid

And occasionally rest

And regularly laid

What you see is what you get

It ain’t cute, it ain’t pretty

It’s all unmistakably,

Undeniably, me